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  1. Nice work on the review.

    Not feeling that facial sculpt still, and the coloring is drab both hair and outfit. I can’t believe Hasbro left out the removable right hand, will they be selling a battle-damaged one down the road with the outfit all torn up?

  2. Just noticed, they used the same exact lightsaber and blaster as the ANH version, only the saber hilt doesn’t match to ESB. This is the sort of cheapout that is lame in this scale, in 3.75″ it’s easier to overlook, but here it stands out more. This is why wave 1 is likely to be the pinnacle of the line.

  3. Thanks!

    I mention in the review that the lightsaber hilt is actually a new sculpt. The most noticeable difference is that there’s now a break near the bottom of the black rubber grips, which reflects the changes on the ESB prop. The blaster is so similar but with a few tiny, tiny differences that either it’s just from a different mold or a slight tweak to the first one – the barrel seems a little thicker and sturdier, so maybe the second option. I added a photo of the two figures holding up their accessories – for some reason it didn’t upload the first time, but it’s there now.

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