GG 12″ TIE Pilot & Marvel Infinite Series Pre-Orders. Plus, He-Man 8-Back Video Posted

This week Brian’s Toys has posted a video detailing the the awesome condition of the original He-Man 8-Back AFA 85 action figure.  The video is in HD and shows off the back and front.  Brian’s Toys is also taking pre-orders on Gentle Giant’s new 12-inch TIE Fighter Pilot vintage jumbo figure and Mission Series Wave 3.  Marvel collectors will also want to pre-order the next Infinite Series waves coming in a few short months.

Coming Soon

Gentle Giant Pre-Orders

Mission Series Pre-Orders

Marvel Infinite Series Pre-Orders

Modern Star Wars Toys



Black Series 6-Inch

Master Replicas

Scaled Sabers Restocked!

Scaled Sabers Cases

Masters of the Universe

Vintage MOTU Carded 8-Backs
AFA Graded


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