Topps is adding a twist to the Star Wars universe. By combining two of its brands, 2014 Star Wars Wacky Packages is set to come out in mid-September with a parody poking fun at the Stars Wars universe, using Wacky Packages style of humor. Some of the stickers include “Use the Floss” or “Yoda’s Pride” swamp slug stew.

Topps Wacky Packages

Each hobby box will contain 24 packs with 10 cards in each pack, and is due out the week of Sept. 17

The base set will feature 100 cards of 50 images with A and B backs, creating a different way to view Star Wars. Inserts include 10 cards each of Reality TV, Travel Posters, Coloring Cards, and 12 cards Fold-out Comic Book Ads.

There will be three levels of parallels available with Blue (one per pack), Gold (1 in 8 packs), and Gold Star Field (numbered to 10).

Other additions to 2014 Wacky Packages include Bonus Stickers (one per hobby box), and Box Spacer Inserts featuring vintage comic book ads with a Star Wars twist.

Collectors will have a chance to pull hits including Sketch Cards, Artist Autographs and Printing Plates.

Check out for more details and photos.

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