ABC’s The Goldbergs to do Star Wars Day Special

The Goldbergs

Reminder – this episode airs tonight on ABC at 9pm Eastern/Pacific.

The Goldbergs, ABC’s ’80s flashback sitcom, is joining in on the Star Wars Day fun this year with their May 6th episode. The series tells producer Adam F. Goldberg’s real life experiences growing up creating home movies in the 1980s, occasionally remaking popular movies of the era. The show has already had episodes taking on The Goonies and Tron.

The Star Wars episode’s title, “A Wrestler Named Goldberg”, will air on May 6th and takes place while waiting in line for the opening of Return of the Jedi. The series has played fast and loose with their ’80s timelines in the past, the show already having 1985’s Nintendo Entertainment System in the family room, so the 1983 release of ROTJ is obviously going to enjoy some creative license.

source: The Hollywood Reporter

Thanks to Lord Malakite for the head’s up.

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  1. I’ve watched The Goldbergs since the beginning and actually look forward to it. It’s all our collective childhoods. Barry just sold Adam’s Millennium Falcon (without the radar dish) for money to play in the arcade and he had to get it back from a pawn shop.

    This was not the “whole-show” Star Wars episode. I can’t wait for that one. I think the dad should play Chewbacca. The mom is the personification of Darth Vader even if she doesn’t look like him. Every episode she makes an entrance to the Imperial March even if they’re not playing it.

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