Artist Makes Star Wars Creature Pancakes

star wars creatures pancakes[4]

So you wake up in the morning and think “I sure would like some pancakes, but I also would like them in the shape of a Mynock” for some reason, because you had nightmares about Empire Strikes Back or something along those lines. Until now, there was nothing you could do about that; but father, math teacher, illustrator, and PANCAKE ARTIST Nathan Shields can do it, and perhaps his work can inspire you to play out your own hero’s journey via delicious carbohydrates.

Jabba pancake

Using a squeeze bottle, a big non-stick pan, and some good ol’ fashioned talent, Shields turns breakfast into a battle between a Dewback and a Bantha, or a reunion between Greedo, Bossk, and Jabba the Hutt being interrupted by a lost and starchy Wampa. And of course, it’s not just Star Wars for these tasty breakfast treats, all sorts of characters and designs come off the skillet of Nathan Shields; the guy takes requests too (especially from his kids), so check out his blog Saipancakes for many, many more great breakfast inspirations — syrup not included.

star wars creatures pancakes[3]

And as if that weren’t enough, he covered the Angry Birds Star Wars characters too.


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