SDCC 2014 Star Wars Collectibles Panel

We’re here at the Star Wars collectibles panel with Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Kotobukiya, and eFX. Updated with the slideshow photos.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014UPDATE:  the slideshow photos have been added to the SDCC gallery.

The panel is moderated by Anita Castellar of Lucas Licensing and includes Dan Lujan from Kotobukiya, Ashley Powell from Gentle Giant, Bryan Ono and Gino Sabatino from eFX, David Igo, Mike Tolentino, and Matt Bischol from Sideshow.

eFX Collectibles

Video of Yoda puppet lip-synching lines from ESB.
– Stormtrooper Concept Helmet. Going back to McQuarrie concept lines. The helmet was personally chosen by Ralph for eFX to make.
Photo-realistic 3D model was approved by Ralph in February 2011. Ralph helped them finish the backside of the helmet, which was not
seen in his artwork.
– Yoda Puppet. A huge undertaking that took a lot of research. Got an original head that belonged to Stuart Freeborn and cast it – also
ears, feet, hands, feet, teeth, cane, flute – you name it, they got it. Authentic to ESB and ROTJ. When Freeborn passed, the pieces went to
private collectors. eFX tracked them down and acquired the pieces for casting. Patterns for robe and tunic were taken from the screen-used
Yoda puppet in the Lucasfilm Archives. Still a work in progress.

Sideshow Collectibles

Sixth Scale Figures
– Echo and Fives ARC Clone Troopers. Based on original clone with more heavy-duty armor pieces added.
– Scout Trooper. Want to back to original trilogy – spent a lot of time on Hoth and ESB, now getting to other films
– Speeder Bike. Movable handlebars, steering vanes, foot pedals. Attachable diorama-style base to cover current base.
– R2-D2. Weathered look. Includes periscope, life scanner, opening panels, magnetized lightsaber, Jabba’s bartender gear, lights with
touch sensor, table from Obi-Wan’s hut with illuminated Princess Leia hologram.
– C-3PO. Weathered, in ABS plastic. Look from right after they land on Tatooine. Includes illuminated eyes.
– X-wing Pilot Luke
– TIE Fighter Pilot. Heading to other pilots from OT.

McQuarrie Artist Series 1:5 scale statue set – coming back to where Star Wars started
– Stormtooper
– Darth Vader. First offering from the line.
– Boba Fett

Mythos – trying to figure out how to continue

Premium Format Figures – wanting to hit “titan” characters and villains
– Commander Cody
– Savage Opress. More realistic interpretation than TCW.
– Boba Fett
– Darth Vader. Still making sure it’s as screen accurate as possible. Future figures will be elevated, not on flat bases but not too high.
– Sandtrooper

Legendary Scale Figures
– Obi-Wan Kenobi. From ANH.
– Darth Vader. Companion with Obi-Wan. Should be up for pre-order by end of year.

Life-Size Figures
– Boba Fett
– Darth Vader
– Yoda
– Han Solo in Carbonite. Enter to win one at
– more coming


ARTFX+ – 1/10th scale collectible statues with magnets on the feet
– Han Solo & Chewbacca (ANH). Available october 2014.
– Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia (ANH). Available in 2015. Two sets together will make nice presentation.
– R2-M5. Barnes & Noble exclusive available in fall 2014. SRP $44.99. Includes collector coin. Red-trimmed astromech droid.
– Snowtrooper 2-pack. Interchangeable parts. Gun with both hands in guard position, held in attack position, gun or binoculars in one
hand with others pointing.
– K-3PO. Available in 2015.
– Yoda & R2-D2 with Dagobah paint application. Available in 2015.
– Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH). Removable robe or hood. Saber blade removable from hilt. Available in 2015.

ARTFX – 1/7th scale
– Darth Vader (ESB). Available in 2015. Hoping to add sound and lights. Most likely will be in same pose as ARTFX+ figure.

– Female Stormtrooper. Artwork by Shunya Yamashita. Similar to Jes Gistang. Available in 2015.

Kitchen Goods
– Lightsaber Chopsticks with Light-Up Blades – $14.99 each
– Mace Windu
– Yoda
– Pouch Sandwich Shapers – includes stencil for detailing
– Darth Vader
– Stormtrooper
– R2-D2
– Boiled Egg Shaper
– Set A – Vader, Stormtrooper, Star Wars logo
– Set B – R2-D2, C-3PO, Star Wars logo

Gentle Giant

Video sneak peek
Jumbo line going into ROTJ. Revisiting minibusts line.
– McQuarrie Luke – 2014 con exclusive
– Queen Amidala – PG Gift 2014
– Endor Luke – PG Gift 2014
– Endor Trooper – 2015
– Wedge Antilles – Q4 2014
– Jek Porkins – 2014 con exclusive
– Yavin Luke (concept art)
– Yavin Leia (concept art)

– Aayla Secura (concept art)
– Republic Commando (concept art)
– Zam Wesell (concept art)

Jumbo Figures
– Bespin Luke – 2014
– Bespin Han – 2014
– Boushh Leia – 2015
– Biker Scout – Q1 2015
– Admiral Ackbar – Q1 2015
– Wicket – Q2 2015
– Logray – 2015
– 2-1B – 2014 PG gift
– Ugnaughts – 2015
– Hoth Leia – Q4 2014
– TIE Pilot – Q1 2015
– Jabba the Hutt – 2015

Rebels Maquettes
– Ezra and Chopper – Q1 2015
– Inquisitor maquette – Q4 2014
– Zeb Orrelios – Q2 2015

Life-Size Kenner Jumbo Monuments
– Darth Vader
– Stormtrooper
– Boba Fett

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