The Clone Wars Legacy


We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. has revealed more behind-the-scenes content from The Clone Wars, including story reels from four unproduced episodes.c4b56ca9daf17729a34a6af8e53082db74d7984e

The story reels for the Crystal Crisis on Utapau arc use rough pre-viz animatics but include the vocal performances of the cast.  The content also includes concept art from the Son of Dathomir arc, the Crystal Crisis on Utapau arc, and the Dark Disciple arc.  Son of Dathomir was recently adapted as a four-issue Dark Horse series, and Dark Disciple will be released as a Christie Golden novel in Summer 2015.

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  1. There’s currently an issue with the third episode linking to the wrong video, which will hopefully be fixed soon.

    The episode titles for this arc are:

    – A Death on Utapau
    – In Search of the Crystal
    – Crystal Crisis
    – The Big Bang

    The first two episodes have Anakin and Obi-Wan investigating some wrongdoing on Utapau. I’m intrigued to see if it connects to ROTS or is its own story – I’ve seen the first two but stopped due to the video playback issue.

    I don’t know if it’s just the previz models or what, but Anakin’s hair is longer and his left hand is ungloved, and both of Obi-Wan’s arms are unarmored, making them essentially identical to their ROTS getups. Also very cool to see the Nos monster, which was developed as an Utapau creature for ROTS but got dropped. I’m glad to see more of Utapau, which is one of my favorite environments from the film.

    I’m thrilled that they’ve released so much content this way, and maybe they’ll find a way to get out even more in the future.