Star Wars Rebels Regular Episodes Start Tonight with “Droids in Distress”

KEY ARTTonight, October 13th, at 9pm on Disney XD is the official launch of Star Wars Rebels, the series in its proper timeslot. This first episode, “Droids in Distress”, features guest appearances by R2-D2 and C-3PO, and includes guest voice actor Anthony Daniels, as well as cameos by Paul Reubens and Phil Lamarr.

While the episode does pick up from the movie a little bit by talking about Ezra’s training, the overall story is a standalone and doesn’t require following the series canon, so it’s very accessible. It’s also a lot of fun, with the crew of the Ghost having to steal illegal weapons that the Empire is trying to procure, while yet another force tries to get to them as well, and Zeb must face off against a foe that was instrumental in the destruction of his people.

All this and more tonight at 9pm on Disney XD.

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  1. I have also enjoyed both the premier movie and the first episode. They created the right group of characters for the crew and I’m struggling to resist the temptation to collect them immortalized in plastic.

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