Hera And Sabine Unite Against A Deadly Threat In The Next “Star Wars Rebels”

Hera and Sabine get stranded on a deadly asteroid in “Out of Darkness,” an all-new episode of Star Wars Rebels!

Summoned by a mysterious contact, Hera and Sabine travel to an abandoned asteroid base for resupply. When they become stranded on the asteroid because of a damaged fuel line, the two must fend off ravenous creatures that strike in darkness while the Ghost crew scrambles to extract them.

Hera and Sabine unite against a deadly threat and discover that trust in each other is their only hope!  Star Wars Rebels airs at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Monday, November 11th on Disney XD.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, another clip from “Out of Darkness” (one that will make you want to grab your Hasbro toy of the Phantom attack shuttle and make wooshing noises!):

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  1. Not gonna lie, my favorite part of these clips is seeing the Phantom in action because I got the toy last week and it’s such a cool connection to the show. And that’s saying something because I really dig Hera playing up her role as rebel cell leader.

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