New York Toy Fair Hasbro Presentation Event – Live Blog = NOT

UPDATE: The New York Toy Fair Hasbro Presentation Event LIVE Blog starts around 1:00 pm EST on Saturday.


Well, we were prepared but Hasbro did not give out the wi-fi password until AFTER the presentation. REALLY!?? But what’s worse was the Star Wars announcements and showroom… sad. We have photos going up shortly but don’t expect much there either.

Director of global marketing Jeff Labovitz, senior manager of global marketing Joe Ninivaggi takes the stage.

Hero Mashers
– “The perfect mash” – characters that wear other characters’ armor, change allegiances, lose limbs
– Wave 1:
o Darth Vader
o Stormtrooper
o ROTS Anakin
o Bossk
o Jar Jar Binks
o Kit Fisto
o Boba Fett
o General Grievous
o Zeb Orrelios
o Kanan Jarrus
– Deluxe
o AOTC Anakin with speeder bike
o Darth Maul with Sith Speeder

Lightsaber Bladebuilders: fully customizable lightsaber system
– From Maul to Grievous to Ezra, Kanan, and Inquisitor, to Kylo Ren, lots of characters create their own lightsabers
– Combine any weapon across the system
– Coming Fall 2015
– Jedi Master lightsaber right out of the box
– Extendable, electronic, and foam lightsabers available

– Furbacca

No figures from any line were shown.

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