SW Celebration Disney Parks Merchandise Panel Info

Star Wars CelebrationJust now, Thursday, April 16th, was the Disney Parks Star Wars Merchandise panel. Manager of SW brand for Disney, Brad Schulenberg, was on the panel along with some members of his team.

The Force Awakens Disney product, there will be lots and it will be “awesome”.

Slight differences in Orlando and California, mostly in the queue like different droids. Japan and France have different languages for the

Throwing out the idea of an animated series based on the Disney Star Wars characters.

A lot more people involved and access to content now that Disney owns Star Wars.

DisneyParks Premiere, which means theme parks, Aulani resort, and Disney Magic cruise, but not in the Disney Store chain.

3 destinations at Disneyland resort, D-street on Downtown Disney, Star Traders in Disneyland at the exit at Star Tours, and Wonderground
location at Downtown Disney.

Limited edition Minnie Mouse as holo Leia and Pluto as R2, limited edition starting today of 1977 edition.

Chief Chripa plush released this morning, they believe it’s the first time Chirpa was done in plush. This kicks off an exciting year of Ewoks.
Wicket, Teebo, Logray, Kneesa, and Romba. May 4th for Teebo. Logray will be at SW Weekends, Kneesa at D23, Romba at the end of the

Donald as Maul statue done by Anesco.

Wonderground art collections, availble as Giclees, postcards, canvas-wrapped and deluxe prints.

Build a Droid. After debuting 70 parts, a new refresh with new parts this morning. Adding lots of new parts, all new packaging, new colors. Goldie from
the Clone Wars, and Mace’s CW droid. New hats, Oswald, Sombrero, and Imperial Officer hat.

And coming soon, seen in the booth.

May the 4th be with you, Revenge of the 5th pins and adult t-shirts.

SW Weekends returns to Disney World, begins May 15th for 5 consecutive weekends. Second year for John Williams fireworks, character
dining, and new theater and Rebels show with voice talent. Ian McDiarmid, Frank Oz, and lots more. Art will be available across posters,
shirts, and much more. They’ve created a mall, Darth’s Mall, and Watto’s Grotto, to accomodate all these exciting things.

Kicking off with Galactic Gathering, a premium preview event May 14th. DisneyParksMerchandise.com Attendees exclusively get a magic
band lightsaber, Luke green saber and Vader red saber. Lightspeed hat, Han in Carbonite popcorn bucket. Event name tags in Aurebesh and
now adding a planet, location, or Imp or Reb logo engraved. Exclusive Pete as Jango figure to 2002 pieces. Pins premier OT z-fold pins
with classic heroes and vilains. Droids mystery box set pins, total of 17, 8 shown. Super chase pin also. 4 mini prints come with a sculpted
character that opens up. Dooney & Burke collection tote and wristlet. Limited Edition magic bands Donald and Mickey versions. Vinylmation
blind boxed, Biggs, Wedge, Padme ep 2, TIE Fighter, Jabba, and a jumbo Death Star with regular size Death Star Trooper.

Returning is D-TechMe statues with new designs, a Jedi and a TIE Fighter Pilot design.

SW Weekends sneak peek. Apparel starts with 3 T-shirts. 2 zip hoodies. Mini globe with the glove of Darth Vader. Tumbler. New wave of
character mashup figure statues – Daisy as Aurra Sing, Stitch as Grievous, Goofy as Chewbacca, Huey Dewey and Louie as Jawas on R5-D4.
Disney Star Wars mashup action figures. Jedi Mickey’s Secret Mission action figure set, all new, the last of the current figures in
development, Donald Stormtrooper, Minnie Leia, Chip & Dale as Ewoks, Goofy as Vader. Figures end but mashups plus all new, Donald,
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy. Goofy and Mickey have light up sabers and speek a variety of sayings. Stitch as Yoda closes it.

Brand new mold weapons, Bowcaster shoots darts, Han blaster, new Boba blaster and stormtrooper too. New sounds and include color
switching for the Stormtrooper. Jedi training academy lightsaber, brand new mold, modeled after the ones used by Younglings in AOTC,
blue green red and purple.

Latex Rancor figure. Scaled to the 3″ action figures. Also a Space Slug hand puppet latex piece.

Lightsaber foam bat and ball set, Luke ROTJ and Vader, balls are death star and thermal detonator.

4 new boxed sets of figurines, as well as a set for Rebels of all new figures.

The vote for the next SW Disney Racer, Chewbacca won the vote, released at SW Weekends. Also adding The Inquisitor from Rebels.

R2-D2 Rebel Trainer comes with an R2 that projects TIE Fighters on the wall so the Han blaster can shoot them, and it keeps score.

New SW collector packs, new Starspeeder 1000, new Death Star light spinner.

Build your own lightsaber. Complete overhaul this spring, all new parts. A whole new build series, 40 new pieces, screen accuracy a big
focus. Also allow you to build a double bladed working lightsaber for the first time, with quick release separation in the middle.

Build a droid, at SW Weekend yet another wave of new parts, not shown yet. Releasing characters on single cards, holo R2 starts.

Fall Sneak Peek.

R2-D60 for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary coming in May. Followed is R4-D23 for the con, silver with sorceror’s apprentice hat.

Imperial Binders role play piece with Imperial belt hook. 2 new light and sound lightsabers, Luke Ep 5 and 6.

Santa Yoda plush available at both parks.

Cruising the Galaxy on the Disney Magic cruise ship, lots of exclusive merchandise for that event. Jan 9th and run through April.

Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, 1 more series before the end of the road, again at SW Weekends. King as Lando, Ramone as Han
in Carbonite.

Emperor is Sarge, with cone droid.

Ewoks forklifts.

Tractor as Royal Guard.

2 deluxe singles, Lightining as X-wing Death Star Luke trench attack… and unsaid.

They’ve printed limited edition trading cards for the mashup Cars. And that is all.

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