Star Wars Celebration Reveals New Hot Wheels Emperor Palpatine Car

Star Wars Hot Wheels Emperor PalpatineAt the Mattel Design panel, Star Wars Hot Wheels Character Cars designer Bryan Benedict revealed the final Star Wars car for the year as he took the audience through his process on designing the fantastic character cars for Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand, something that essentially came from his imagination when he designed their first Hot Wheels character car, Woody from Toy Story.

For Star Wars fans, the final new character car of the year was revealed as being Emperor Palpatine.

Palpatine’s design is inspired by a regal, classic Rolls Royce, only chopped, given a classic landau half-top, translucent Sith lightning, an open grill inspired by the Emperor’s cloak hood and wrinkled face, and other great features.

Benedict brought out a first-shot sample in non-final paint, putting it up on the projector, to show us the texture of the landau top and a secret touch inside the cockpit: the driver’s seat is Palpatine’s throne.

You can see more images from the presentation in our Star Wars Celebration photo gallery.


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