Survey Reveals Star Wars Fans Favorite Trailer


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After viewing the trailers for all nine previously released Star Wars movies as well as the soon-to-be released 10th, a group of 250 Star Wars fans rates the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story the best of the lot. While that may or may not tell us whether the full Solo film will be among the most well-regarded, this same survey did rate the Attack of the Clones trailer as, by far, the worst – which any right-minded fan would say is also true for the movie.

The survey, conducted by Hill+Knowlton Strategies, asked fans to rate each trailer based on its storytelling attributes – specifically, its ability to deliver wonder, wisdom, and delight, which are the attributes that makeup H+K’s proprietary Strategic Storytelling Index. A generational divide also exists among two movies. Older generations (36+) rank Return of the Jedi higher than Millennials (3rd versus 9th). Millennials rank The Force Awakens higher than older generations (1st versus 9th). For Millennials, this was the first Star Wars movie made for them.

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3 years ago
I wonder if fans were rating the trailers or voting for their favorite movie . I don’t honestly know how I would evaluate the trailers but the Han Solo one does look great .