San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Canceled

San Diego Comic-Con 2018

The San Diego Comic-Con took to their twitter today and officially canceled this years event.

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They also stated:

Will the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim be next?

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Bel-Cam Jos
Bel-Cam Jos
1 year ago
With so many large-group events suffering the same fate, I am saddened but not surprised at this news. :( There’s just no way to do this differently than massive crowds in the same places.
1 year ago
I expect an announcement about Celebration any day now.
1 year ago
It had to happen. Safety has to be first. My continuous run of attending SDCC (1994-2019) ends, but I hope I can go next year. I was planning to attend Power-Con and Celebration in August, but that probably won’t happen.
1 year ago
Sad that the 50th anniversary convention won’t be happening (the first show was in 1970, so this was the 51st con but the 50th anniversary) but expected.

I won’t be surprised if it’s canceled next year, as well. People simply aren’t following the guidelines enough, there are going to be a lot of sick people again next year when we get another rebound. It’ll probably be 2022 for most conventions of this scale.

Bel-Cam Jos
Bel-Cam Jos
1 year ago
We need personal holograms, like Tupac and Roy Orbison, to go in our place! Or avatars from Ready Player One and, uh, Avatar? That would make waiting in lines SO much easier, too!

Maybe they could mail everybody who paid upfront a SDCC logo "survival bag" of mask, superhero-themes gloves, "hand sanitizer" that’s just glue or something, mini roll of "toilet paper" comics, etc. Kind of like a reverse Early Bird Certificate for wanting to go to it, but can’t now.